Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day at Banyan!

Madi's first day of school at Banyan Creek, a speech Pre-K class, was last Wednesday. Biba and Grandpa sprung for a new backpack, and she was so excited to go. Mommy, Daddy, & Biba walked her to school on her first day. She wasn't very sure of things once we arrived. She clung to Daddy like a koala bear! We knew she'd get in the groove once she settled in.

When we picked her up, she declared that she didn't want to leave! She absolutely loved it, even though she's the only girl in her class. I know that Madi will excel in school. She is so good at taking instruction and following the ground rules. In fact, when I picked her up today, her teacher came to my window and with conviction, said, "She is a SWEET HEART!!!" Ahhhh...the proud moments of parenthood:)

Madi meets the Mouse (not Mickey)

Madi finally made her first trip to Chuck E. Cheese! I think I avoided it for a long time due to various reports of craziness. Thankfully, it was a weekday and it was rather slow and quite enjoyable. Madi had a blast rippin' around with buddies Ana and Monica Socha (and big sis Camryn too).


A few weeks ago, we made a trip to Tampa so Emily and Madi could spend some time together. They had a great time swimming and playing. We are fortunate that these two seem to pick up right where they leave off. Little soulmates...

Old Maid

Madi's favorite card game these days is Old Maid--the princess deck. There's just one problem--she detests the Old Maid, which happens to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The other day, I overheard her playing with Biba. Biba sounded confused when no one actually won or lost the game. When I questioned Madi about the Old Maid, she replied, "I put her in your purse."!! She is such a stitch. Here we go, she's already making up her own rules! Of course, I dug Ursula out of my purse and put her back in the deck...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meet Madi's Little Brother - Daniel James "DJ" Murphy

The morning after Grandma passed away, we had to explain to Madi that Grandma had gone to heaven. We also told her that Grandma was going to find us a baby. About two weeks later, our prayers were answered. We received a call from our adoption agency that there is a precious little boy named Hong Wei Feng, DOB 2/2/08, who needs a loving home. He is in an orphanage in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. We have decided to name him Daniel James after Jimmy's dear friend Danny who passed away earlier this year after a double organ transplant that didn't take. One of which was his heart.

Our little guy will need a fairly major heart surgery once he arrives home. He needs a pulmonary valve, a wall to separate his left and right ventricles, and they will close off his PDA. He will need a second surgery when he approaches adulthood to replace the pulmonary valve. We have met with a pediatric cardiologist, who we respect and trust. He believes, based on the documentation provided, that once the surgery takes place, Daniel will live as a normal little boy who will be able to run and play and attempt to keep up with his big sister (good luck:)

All of the developmental information we have received indicates that Daniel is on track and doing well despite his heart condition. We are working on the details with home study updates, visas, immigration applications and hope to travel to China by the beginning of the year to bring him home.

Last night, we announced the news to Madi. She was elated beyond belief, running around the house discovering all the many things she can and will teach him. She can't wait to be a big sister. Once the excitement settled down, the following dialogue took place:

Madi: I thought it would be a girl, Mommy.
Me: I know Madi, I kinda did too
Madi: I knew it would be a boy though.
Me: Really? How did you know Madi?
Madi: Because Grandma loves little boys. Like Leo (her cousin)

We humbly ask that you keep us in your prayers. Please pray that little Daniel continues to be a survivor while he waits for his new family. Please pray for our safe travel, and please pray for a successful surgery and recovery.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love is all we need

This morning, Madi was playing with five little shapes from her baby doll step stool--a circle, a star, a square, a triangle, and a heart. She claimed they were her "powers". She handed me the heart, instructed me to hold it up in the air and explained that it was "the superpower that could save everyone".

How appropriate. How curiously wise that this child of nearly four years chose the heart to represent the superpower that could save our lives. Children are so pure and unclouded. This was my gentle reminder from God, through Madi, that love is truly all we need.