Friday, September 25, 2009

To answer your question

Lately when I ask Madi a question, she will answer with, "Because" to which I reply, "Because is not an answer, Madi."

Tonight as we were getting ready for bed, she asked me a question to which I replied, "I don't know." She looked at me squarely and said, "I don't know is not an answer, Mom."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Camping Out for Grandpa

Grandpa has been babysitting quite a bit lately. Madi is always so excited for his arrival that she will build a small camp site by our front door in anticipation. She likes to set up a couple hours in advance so she doesn't miss his grand entrance. They have so much fun together it's easy to see why she enjoys his company so much. He'll play dolls, read books and he's clearly good at taking her orders! He really gets a kick out of her too...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Madi's Riddle

Yesterday on our drive down to the Disney Princess on Ice show, we played a little game called "Guess the Princess". Madi says, "What princess never wears dresses and has a husband named Jimmy?" Hmmm...sounds like Princess Mommy:)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Step Closer!

We received our LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from China this week! We were told this could take anywhere from 6 weeks to 4.5 months. Thankfully, we had it in our hands in exactly 2 months. We signed all the necessary documents and sent the package to Holt via FedEx for Monday arrival. We also included a soft photo book for them to send to Daniel in China, so he can begin studying the faces of his new family.

This week, we also learned of a new step in the process that we didn't have to do the first time around. We have to take 10 hours of parenting classes to satisfy the Hague requirements! Helloooo!!! Has anyone seen our daughter Madi lately??? I'd like to think we're doing okay over here!!! Actually, we're okay with it. We realize they do this for the safety and protection of the children. Jimmy and I started the online courses last night and they are pretty cool. I think the Lord prepares us in certain ways, and maybe this time around we will need more preparation than we did for Madi. The circumstances are obviously very different.

So, thanks for the prayers! Please keep them up! The next step we need to complete is getting our approvals from USCIS. We are hoping that this takes less than a month. Estimated travel date: still too early to tell!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madi's Favorite Teacher

The other day, while driving Madi home from her first day of Pre-K at First United Methodist, I pointed out how lucky she is to have so many teachers. She has Miss Dana and Miss Debra at Banyan, Mrs. Bivens at FUMC, and Miss Kristie at gymnastics. So, I asked her who her favorite teacher is. She thought for a moment and with a big smile she pointed at me and said, YOU, Mommy!" Does that child know how to melt my heart, or what??? What a compliment:)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Madi's beautiful nails

Today was a milestone in the exciting life of a little girl. Madi went for her first salon manicure/pedicure, and I'm sad to say that I wasn't there to witness it! Aunt Carol, next door, wanted to take Madi and how could we refuse knowing what a joyful experience she would have!

Thankfully, Carol took some great pictures, and Madi called us while she was 'drying' to report that her nails and toes were just beautiful! That cute little voice almost had me in tears. She is so proud of the little flowers they put on her. What a girlie girl!!

Pictures from Gotcha Day!

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Thursday, September 3, 2009


It is so hard to believe that three years ago today, this beautiful, sweet, sassy, smart, funny, cute, obstinate, one-of-a-kind child was placed into our arms.

Today, we celebrate our togetherness as a family. It is a very special day.

We've watched this special baby blossom into this extra-special little girl who melts our hearts on a daily basis.