Thursday, September 29, 2011


Madi is officially a Daisy. It's part of the Girl Scouts. I think, back in my day, it may have been called the Bluebirds.

She is very excited about all this. Last weekend, during a torrential downpour, she coerced me to bring her to the store to purchase her Daisy vest and t-shirt. We got totally soaked, but our mission was accomplished.

Our first meeting is in a couple of weeks. Madi somehow thinks we're going to the zoo. The concept of "meetings" is all new to her.

She has one goal and one goal only for this venture--she wants to sell the cookies. Badly.  She's so enterprising...

Our little Daisy

There's the smile I was looking for. Daddy "made it happen"
by pulling Mommy's pants down (skip the visual please)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Growth Update!

Welcome to the 50th percentile, Charlie Murphy!

We had Charlie's well visit at the pediatrician today. It amazes me that in the six months he's been a Murphy, he's gained about 9 lbs. and grown about 4 inches!

Now that's what I call playing catch-up:)  Way to go, big boy!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cat Care

There is only one person in this household so diligent about
making sure the cats have their bowls.

He just forgot to put the food in it...

Nice try, Charlie:)
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Babies!

Madi and Charlie's birthdays are three days apart.
We celebrated some big milestones this weekend. 

Charlie turned two on Friday. 

Madi turned six yesterday.

Double happiness:)

 I surprised Madi yesterday and showed up at school to have lunch with her. 
The look on her face brought tears to my eyes.

 Charlie gets cuter everyday. 
He has no idea what this whole birthday thing's about, 
but I think he likes it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011



With a capital "T".

I knew the Little Mister was quiet for just a little too long back there.

I went back to his bedroom and peeked in. No Charlie.

When I turned around, I found him standing on multiple cases of Capri Sun juice boxes (four to be exact) to access all of the "mystery items" on our desk.

Okay...let me clarify that the boxes were already there, BUT the little stinker actually made a staircase and climbed up them!

So, do 'ya think we're in a little trouble with this one??

Bubba and Grandpa--fair warning--I hope you're taking your Juice Plus. This little guy's gonna keep you on your toes come December;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mop Chop!

I took Charlie for his first (much needed) professional haircut today. I had messed around and botched his bangs enough to realize that I needed to rely on the pros, and today was my scheduled trip to my trusty hairdresser Debbie, who's been cutting my hair for over twenty years. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Charlie to the scene. Charlie meet scissors. Scissors meet Charlie.

In typical fashion, Charlie remained very quiet in his stroller during my entire haircut while he studied every movement around him. I have come to count on this type of behavior in "unfamiliar surroundings."  Though he'd been there once before with me when he first came home, it was months ago and everything was so new to him then.

Charlie's such a mechanic at heart and you can see he wants to know exactly how everything works. I love how he takes everything in, and he doesn't miss a thing. He first watched Debbie wash, cut & blow my hair and then it was his turn. Debbie asked if he should sit on my lap, and knowing Charlie's independent spirit, I opted to have him sit on a booster chair like a "big boy."

What in the world is she doing to me???

Debbie managed to keep him occupied with the spray bottle as she chopped away. The look on his face says it all--total skeptic!  But he took it, and he allowed Debbie plenty of time to get the job done right. He really handled the situation quite well and never so much as squawked. And here's the finished product

I earned this lollipop, believe me...

We think he looks a little bit like a Chinese "Mo" from the The Three Stooges--but precious nonetheless.  The other thing he looks like--a little boy. He has just transitioned from baby. And the boy who needs to know just how everything ticks refused to leave without trying to pump up the chair like the hairdressers.

If they can do it, so can I!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gotcha Day I'm a little late to post about Gotcha Day 2011...

It was great! We ended up having a sitter for Charlie and we surprised Madi with a night out alone with Mommy & Daddy. She's been itching for this and we knew it. What better occasion to make it happen. 

When we broke the news to her, the reaction was not only priceless, but it was so profound that we knew instantly we made the right decision. She was over the moon.

We first went to P.F. Chang's for dinner. She feasted on dumplings and edamame and was game to try a few other appetizers, as well.  After dinner, we made our way south to meet our neighbors, Carol and Perry, along with Uncle Brian and Cathy for BOWLING!  Madi enjoyed her evening out and especially loved that we were out bowling until 9:30 (while Charlie was home in bed). We arranged for the bumpers to be up on our bowling lane, and almost all of us improved our game (at least the women, anyway).

She's such a big girl and so easy and pleasant to be around. Like Aunt Carol said, "She's really not like a kid!"

We've promised her more nights like these...

Calling Bubba to tell her our plans

She's a natural...

Proud Mommy

Proud Daddy

The Girls

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Five Years Ago

Five years ago, sweet Madi,
Our lives were changed forever
when God blessed us with you.

We never imagined just how beautiful you'd turn out to be.
Or how smart, and graceful, and thoughtful, and kind.
For your tender age of almost six
You amaze us everyday. 
And we are so proud of you,
Our precious daughter.

We can't imagine life without you,
Nor would we want to.
You make us better people,
And teach us so many lessons about life.

Happy Gotcha Day, Xiaoyuan.
Today we celebrate the most special girl in the world.

Friday, September 2, 2011

It happened again...

Charlie and I were enjoying an outdoor breeze in the backyard this evening, when he suddenly crouched down and peered between the slats of our wooden deck railing.

His gaze was fastened to big brother Daniel's plaque.

After a moment, he quickly got up, took a couple of steps backward and looked totally mesmerized as he stared over in that direction.

A breeze kicked up, and without hesitation, Charlie made a beeline down the step to the yard. I knew exactly where he was headed.

He barreled through the grass and right over to that plaque. With his tender bare feet, he timidly made his way through the mulch. And when he reached his destination, he held out his little hand and touched Daniel's face.

I have no doubt, once again, that his eyes saw something (or someone) mine couldn't...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charlie's Angels

They look a bit different from the Charlie's Angels of the seventies, but they are every bit as beautiful, if not more!  Actually, Charlie's much cuter than the original too:)

Madi, Kai, Camille, Alex, Ami Mei, Kayla & Charlie

With our half day of school yesterday, we were able to enjoy some free time with our mei mei friends swimming. A couple of these Chinese cuties, and their mommies, hadn't met Charlie yet, so it was a bonus to be together.

The girls are all turning out to be little fishes in their young lives. Charlie's pretty much a little fish, too. He loved when they took turns pulling him around on their boogie boards in the water. Though he's given me much resistance to floating on his back, Charlie was making some good attempts to do that yesterday, too!