Thursday, December 31, 2009

We're Going to China

It's official!! We received confirmation about 15 minutes ago that we will leave for China on January 20th to bring home Madi's little brother. We are over the moon to start the New Year in such a magnificent way. As an added bonus, Mommy will be spending her birthday with her son and his birthday too. God is so good...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was lovely. We spent the evening with Bubba & Grandpa and rather than a formal, sit-down dinner, we opted for a slow, casual, standing in the kitchen sort of thing. It worked out great and we enjoyed a seafood feast over the course of an hour or two. Everyone was relaxed, and Madi enjoyed opening a gift here and there throughout the evening.

It has always been our family's tradition to open some gifts on Christmas Eve. Madi got some cool gel pens, and a couple of Barbie dolls but her favorite gift, at least from her reaction, was a toy computer from Bubba & Grandpa. She was fascinated that it came with a mouse. She wasn't really concerned about how to work the computer correctly, but she was pleased to emulate her Mother and just pound away at the keyboard, as if she knew what she were accomplishing. This toy is destined to be broken in no time!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Madi's Gingerbread House

One of Madi's Christmas gifts from Aunt Sheila, Uncle David, Murphy & Myles was a gingerbread house and chefwear for the project. I finally figured out how to record some footage on my camera!

O Christmas Tree

A few days before Christmas, we ventured downtown Delray with friends Sophia & Carmelina to see Santa and the 100' Christmas tree. Madi had her list prepared and gazed at Santa very lovingly. She also got to go on a carousel ride accompanied by Bubba.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The week before Christmas

Last week was a very busy week for Madi before the holiday break began. The kids did a beautiful singing performance of Christmas songs at her school. The same day, she danced in her jazz recital. on Saturday, she finished up Cheerleading for the session and earned her second trophy! It was an exciting week, and we were ready for break!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Murphy Christmas

Last weekend, we celebrated Christmas with the Murphy side of the family. Aunt Sheila and Uncle David hosted and we had a great time. Madi was adorned with many awesome Christmas gifts. Her favorite parts of the celebration were swimming with Myles (and doing flips off the edge at the same time) and playing drums with Murphy. She also loved helping little Brooklyn do whatever she needed to do!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bethlehem 2009

Every year, we try to make it to Cason United Methodist Church for their living nativity. It is a wonderful tradition. Last year, Madi wanted to take a flower for Baby Jesus. This year, she remembered and insisted on bringing a rose for Baby Jesus again. We met up with some of the Mei Mei's and the Gemma family. As usual, it was the perfect setting to put one in the Christmas Spirit.

Grandpa Turns 75!

On 12/14, "Grumpy Grandpa" hit his big 75! In order to celebrate appropriately, we planned a little surprise birthday champagne toast in his honor! He walked in with a bottle of champagne, promptly surveyed the crowd, determined he didn't bring enough champagne, and scowled in his usual fashion! So typical--it never occurred to him that we picked up a case for all to enjoy! We had a really nice time. Madi loved helping to surprise Grandpa. She helped make a picture poster board and helped pick out the perfect birthday cake for him. She was a wonderful hostess.