Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Visit from Cinderella

Madi decided that she wasn't Madi this afternoon. She was Princess Cinderella visiting from her castle, and she had never been to a house before. We spent hours comparing her to "my daughter, Madi". I continuously pointed out their similarities. She would ask questions about "my daughter"-- like, "Does your daughter share?" To which I replied, "Oh yes, she is really good at sharing."

Sometimes the answers weren't so positive, like when she asked me if my daughter cleans! I asked her if she could help teach my daughter to clean, and she began giving me tips and ideas how to get Madi to clean her room! Cinderella also made sure to distinguish that unlike Madi, who is 3 1/2, she is actually 4 1/2 and can do many things by herself. This routine carried on into bedtime, and she insisted on wearing underwear to bed instead of a pull-up. And for the first time we can remember, Madi put herself to Cinderella! She hollered for "Leeetsa!" (Lisa) a couple of times for various things, which I was happy to accommodate. Jimmy and I cracked up as we heard her on the monitor winding up her music box. Five minutes later she was sound asleep.

What an interesting turn of events. Of course we wonder what tomorrow will bring. Will this little child who has demanded our presence as she falls off to sleep every night need us anymore, or did Cinderella manage to break this sleeping habit forever?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bon voyage Goldie & Nemo!

About a year ago, we went to a birthday party, and Madi received two goldfish in a bowl as a party favor. Madi has taken very, very good care of them. A year later, Goldie & Nemo are thriving so much that they had outgrown their tank! Since we have space constraints in our house, and a huge tank really isn't an option for us, we introduced Madi to the idea of setting her fish free to live with their friends. The idea came about one day when we were having lunch at a local restaurant that has beautiful ponds filled with many fish.

Madi loved the idea initially, and then went through a few emotional ups and downs about how Goldie and Nemo would feel and survive without her. Once she processed the whole concept, and accepted that it was better for them, the plans began. Bubba (Grandma Wharton) contacted the restaurant's aquatic manager, and he accepted our request to set Goldie & Nemo free where we could go visit them on occasion.

Today was the day of celebration. It was suprisingly a very magical event! Madi was able to choose which pond to put them in. The Manager explained that the fish are fed very well and even receive some of the restaurant's table scraps! I think that was a very important issue for Madi. Once Madi decided which pond she like best, she and Bubba climbed down the rocks, and Madi did the honors of setting them free. She handled it like a true champion. Pretty impressive for a 3 1/2 year old.

This weekend, Madi and Daddy will venture off to the pet store. Madi is excited to raise two more little fish. Who knows, maybe she'll set them free someday too.

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Princess Madibelle

Madi's favorite princess varies from day to day. On Saturday, her favorite princess was definitely Belle. We walked two doors down to a birthday party of our neighbor friends, who turned 5, Heidi & Caitlyn. Madi was speechless and absolutely mesmerized by Belle. She chose not to partake in any socializing or craft. She wanted to wait her turn, as number 6, and carefully watch as Belle turned each little girl into a sparkly painted princess. It was magical.

Due to Madi's popularity, we had to skip out on Belle and the twins early to hit two other fun-filled birthday parties in the neighborhood. It was an action-packed day for a princess to attend Luke Wilson's 2nd bounce house party and BFF Mary Kelly's fun, sun & swim party. Wow, all at 3 1/2!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Our Greatest Blog Fans

This week we had a visit from Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick (we call him Uncle Shrimp--long story). When I told Madi they were coming to see us, she said, "I don't remember them." I explained that it had been a while but they came to see her receive her rite of baptism, and they also made it to her 2nd birthday celebration. With that, she said, "Did I hit them when I was a baby?". I have no idea where that came from! I told her NO, she did not him them and that they really love her.

When Aunt Diane and Uncle Shrimp arrived, Madi gleefully ran outside to greet them. She accepted them immediately. During our short visit, she teased them like they were her closest allies. She even shared her dessert with them. We enjoyed a quick, fun game of left-right-center too. Madi can't wait for their return. Hopefully, we will make it up to New Smyrna for a visit before that time comes...
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Madi's Easter Basket

I just told Madi that she needed to figure out which Easter basket she wants to leave out tonight for the Easter bunny. She replied, "A big one, Mom!"

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wuwei Princesses

Last weekend, we ventured over to Bonita Springs, FL for a lovely visit with Caris, who came home in the same group with Madi. We were able to spend time with Caris and her parents, Tammy & Doug, and were hosted by Caris' Grandparents--Mimi and Pa, who always make us feel so at home. The girls had a great time swimming together, playing bubbles and dressing like princesses to watch a couple of movies. Since their family lives in Maine, it is such a great blessing that we are able to visit with them in Florida once a year. The Durneys, who are usually in on this reunion, weren't able to make it this year since they are temporarily stationed in Singapore. We managed to have a great time despite their absence.
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