Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fly Away, Dragonfly

Oh Madi--how do I even begin to express what you and Kelsey meant to your Grandma. She loved you unconditionally from the first moment she touched you and laid eyes on you. You and Kelsey had a special bond with Grandma like no other.

I remember when we came home from China and Grandma and Grandpa picked us up from the airport. It made her so happy that you were glued to Daddy and wouldn't go to her right away. That's when she could see how much you and Daddy already loved each other. She sat next to you on the car ride home and sang songs and talked to you. She also took your little hands and did "Whoops, Johnny" on your little fingers. She and Grandpa stayed with us for five days so she could be sure that you were comfortable in your new home. She adored dressing you and bathing you and especially feeding you. You were her little China doll, and she was always so proud of everything you did.

Grandma taught you so many things. She taught you how to chew gum before you were two! She went through pack after pack teaching you how to chew gum and spit it out. She taught you how to use scissors at two and cut hearts out of paper. She loved doing workbooks with you to teach you how to trace and paste. Grandma also loved to pretend with you. I swear she's responsible for that wild imagination of yours! She was always your baby and you were her Mommy that tended to her every need. She loved being the dragonfly when you were the butterfly and Grandpa was the Stinkbug. You would all fly from house to house pretending to taste the yummy--and sometimes not so yummy things that your Mommies would make. The three of you played that game for hours!

Grandma loved giving you baby dolls and really-- any toys that looked fun! I think deep inside giving you all those fun things made Grandma feel like a kid again and she wanted to play them with you! She also loved baking with you, and now Grandpa loves baking with you too!

There are so many memories that we have in our hearts. Mommy and Daddy promise not to ever let you forget about your Grandma. She helped make you into the special person that you are, and we are forever grateful to God for being blessed with her loving presence. She is a part of you. She will always, always be with you.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend with Aunt Diane & Uncle Shrimp

Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick (aka Uncle Shrimp) came back again for a visit last weekend. We managed to spend some more good quality time with them, despite the difficult circumstances with Grandma. Madi was very excited for their arrival and took to them instantly, once again.

One of the highlights of their visit was the "Beer Garden" that she and Uncle Rick planted. They buried beer bottle caps in the ground. Madi tried to use Uncle Rick's beer to water their 'seeds', but he wasn't so willing to pour it out! Madi finally settled for water!

Madi's favorite game was to ask us all questions about our favorite things (favorite flower, favorite fruit, favorite car...) and she would, not by coincidence, claim that all her favorites were the very same as Aunt Diane's. Madi loved being 'partners' with Aunt Diane every time they had the same answers, which was every time!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Madi's First Best Friend

I've been a little busy lately and have missed posting a few things. One of those was the first communion of Julianna Debonis a few weeks back. We were there to witness this blessed event. I have much to say about the Debonis family in our lives. So much that I would have to blog about them for a good week or two. For now, I'll start with Julianna.

Madi has made a lot of great friends in her little lifetime, but her first best friend was definitely Jules. She waited so patiently for Madi to come home to her family and friends. She openly told people how Madi was being born in our hearts rather than in my belly. Jules loved Madi unconditionally before she even knew her. When Madi came home, Jules totally took the 'big sister' role and helped out with anything she could. She still plays a huge role in Madi's life, and we know that Madi will always look up to her.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Madi's new teeth

'Ya knew it had to happen was just a matter of when. Yes, Madi finally donned the Billy Bob teeth just like everyone else in the family. Oh boy, I think someday she's really not going to be happy with me for posting this picture!

These teeth initially surfaced when Madi was two. Daddy scared her half to death when he smiled. She was so terrified of the "guh-guh" teeth (means gross or disgusting) that we threw them in the garbage-or so we thought. We found them behind our dresser a month ago when we were cleaning! She's obviously overcome her fear and developed our sick sense of humor!