Thursday, September 15, 2011



With a capital "T".

I knew the Little Mister was quiet for just a little too long back there.

I went back to his bedroom and peeked in. No Charlie.

When I turned around, I found him standing on multiple cases of Capri Sun juice boxes (four to be exact) to access all of the "mystery items" on our desk.

Okay...let me clarify that the boxes were already there, BUT the little stinker actually made a staircase and climbed up them!

So, do 'ya think we're in a little trouble with this one??

Bubba and Grandpa--fair warning--I hope you're taking your Juice Plus. This little guy's gonna keep you on your toes come December;)


BIBA said...

Back on the treadmill tomorrow!

Jennifer said...

First of all the haircut makes him all the more cuter while he is getting in trouble.

I would have a hard time getting upset with him.

Grabbing the camera was the right response for sure.

Have fun!


Amy said...

Gotta tell you that my hubby had to do a double-take when I showed him these pics (he thought it was our Milo!). These Shanghai boys... is it something they were fed early on??? They're just little trouble-makers!! :)