Thursday, September 1, 2011

Charlie's Angels

They look a bit different from the Charlie's Angels of the seventies, but they are every bit as beautiful, if not more!  Actually, Charlie's much cuter than the original too:)

Madi, Kai, Camille, Alex, Ami Mei, Kayla & Charlie

With our half day of school yesterday, we were able to enjoy some free time with our mei mei friends swimming. A couple of these Chinese cuties, and their mommies, hadn't met Charlie yet, so it was a bonus to be together.

The girls are all turning out to be little fishes in their young lives. Charlie's pretty much a little fish, too. He loved when they took turns pulling him around on their boogie boards in the water. Though he's given me much resistance to floating on his back, Charlie was making some good attempts to do that yesterday, too! 

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