Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mop Chop!

I took Charlie for his first (much needed) professional haircut today. I had messed around and botched his bangs enough to realize that I needed to rely on the pros, and today was my scheduled trip to my trusty hairdresser Debbie, who's been cutting my hair for over twenty years. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce Charlie to the scene. Charlie meet scissors. Scissors meet Charlie.

In typical fashion, Charlie remained very quiet in his stroller during my entire haircut while he studied every movement around him. I have come to count on this type of behavior in "unfamiliar surroundings."  Though he'd been there once before with me when he first came home, it was months ago and everything was so new to him then.

Charlie's such a mechanic at heart and you can see he wants to know exactly how everything works. I love how he takes everything in, and he doesn't miss a thing. He first watched Debbie wash, cut & blow my hair and then it was his turn. Debbie asked if he should sit on my lap, and knowing Charlie's independent spirit, I opted to have him sit on a booster chair like a "big boy."

What in the world is she doing to me???

Debbie managed to keep him occupied with the spray bottle as she chopped away. The look on his face says it all--total skeptic!  But he took it, and he allowed Debbie plenty of time to get the job done right. He really handled the situation quite well and never so much as squawked. And here's the finished product

I earned this lollipop, believe me...

We think he looks a little bit like a Chinese "Mo" from the The Three Stooges--but precious nonetheless.  The other thing he looks like--a little boy. He has just transitioned from baby. And the boy who needs to know just how everything ticks refused to leave without trying to pump up the chair like the hairdressers.

If they can do it, so can I!


Biba said...

Absolutely love, love, love the bangs. The cut looks perfect on him. He does get the most of his experiences. :-)

Anonymous said...

He is adorable and does not look like Mo. Aunt Diane