Thursday, September 29, 2011


Madi is officially a Daisy. It's part of the Girl Scouts. I think, back in my day, it may have been called the Bluebirds.

She is very excited about all this. Last weekend, during a torrential downpour, she coerced me to bring her to the store to purchase her Daisy vest and t-shirt. We got totally soaked, but our mission was accomplished.

Our first meeting is in a couple of weeks. Madi somehow thinks we're going to the zoo. The concept of "meetings" is all new to her.

She has one goal and one goal only for this venture--she wants to sell the cookies. Badly.  She's so enterprising...

Our little Daisy

There's the smile I was looking for. Daddy "made it happen"
by pulling Mommy's pants down (skip the visual please)


Biba said...

The pride and joy in Madi's face for her new official designation is so damn cute! How can a proper scout keep her composure when her pants have been yanked to her ankles. Looks like it worked. The grin tells it all. :-)

Carmen said...

Well that picture was worth the public humiliation. She is precious.

Jennifer said...

He'd be in a load of trouble if it wasn't for that precious smile!!!
Good thing for him it worked!