Friday, October 7, 2011

Field Trip!

Can you spot Madi?  She would be the cute little Chinese one in the top row:)

Often referred to as a "hover mother," you can imagine how thrilled I was to have the opportunity to help with her first class field trip.  It gave me a chance to be right there to watch Madi interact with her new little buddies and enjoy a very fun day with them.

We went to a place called Bedner's Farm, located in Boynton Beach. We took a hayride led by a John Deere tractor and spotted plenty of wildlife as we learned all about their farm. This place made me really want to buy local fruits and veggies!  Farmer David shaved fresh raw corn right off the cob (with his pocketknife) for us to taste. It was amazing!

The kids all got to choose their own little pumpkin from the patch to take with them. I loved watching Madi scurry around in search of the "perfect" one.

Of course, Mommy played second fiddle to the ever-popular Ms. Maldonado (or as Madi says, "Miss Mulldonado"). Many of the kids (Madi included) insisted on sitting on her lap during the hayride. She is so loving to all of them. We are still feeling very blessed to be in her classroom this year.


Biba said...

What a fabulous experience. Madi got the best looking pumpkin there. You must tell Madi about the hay ride you followed in N.A. in your car :-)

Amy said...

Miss Madi sure looks happy! I love volunteering to help with class trips & parties! I suppose it's a natural thing for us hover-ers! ;)