Friday, October 14, 2011



We finally found a toy that can occupy Charlie's attention for a reasonable amount of time...trains!

We made this discovery last week when we attended a school book fair/fundraiser at Barnes and Noble, where they have an elaborate train table set up with all of the possible bells and whistles.

Charlie was very comfortable in this new element. Let's just say he was, well--a little too comfortable...and...ahem...filled his pants.

As I made the startling realization that my son's dirty diaper was wafting through the play area, I was even more horrified when I realized that I didn't have a single supply in my possession.

No diapers. No wipes. Nuthin. Nada. Zilch.

In an attempt to remedy the situation with a "quick fix," I desperately panned the store for women with babies, but the only baby in the store was a newborn. I knew there was no way our little chunker monker was going to fit into a swaddler diaper. Not on a prayer.

My friend, Carmen, kindly reminded me that we were surrounded by stores in the area, so while she tended to the little stinker (literally), Madi and I sprinted out the door like we were on an episode of The Amazing Race and found the nearest Walgreen's. We gathered all of the necessary supplies, checked out, and made it back to the book store in five minutes flat.

Problem solved.

Please forgive my ramblings about my poor parental planning skills, but the up side was finding out how much Charlie seems to like trains!  So, we went over to Bubba and Grandpa's house and pulled out all of cousin Matthew's trains from years past and set them up here for Charlie. So far, so good.

As I sit here posting, I ask myself, "Have I learned anything here?"  Apparently not enough. My purse still lacks supplies, the diaper bag still sits in the garage, and I've neglected to stock the van "in case of emergency."

Guess I better sign off now and take care of things before Murphy's Law strikes again...


Anonymous said...

Love the diaper story Lisa....that happened to me in the was pouring out and I stupidly left the bag in the car!-Kristen (Amelie's mama)

Biba said...

Charlie may have a future with the RR. :-)

Anonymous said...

ohhh i love that face.. he is stinkin' cute!!!! nicki b.

Anonymous said...

Loved the story Lisa. I can always picture your entries and your accompanying facial expressions too! My emergency "clothes in the car" were shorts, underwear and a T-shirt. I'm sure I put them there on a hot summer day. However....we needed them on a day with snow on the ground and freezing temps.....
We put him in the clean stuff, wrapped him up in a car towel and headed home!!! FAST!
- Tracy Simmons