Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blessings from Minnesota

Several months ago, the Holy Spirit connected me with a new friend, Nancy, whose family similarly lost their precious China heart baby over the summer. Beautiful three-year old CaiLi Rose went to Heaven exactly two months after Daniel. The angels must have been working hard to connect one mother from Florida and another clear across the country in Minnesota. Thankfully they succeeded. We have been able to comfort each other through our faith. It comforts us to think about our children playing and dancing around together up in Heaven. We are similarly in the process of new adoptions, both embracing the joyful hope that only God's blessings can give.

Nancy is extremely resourceful in the adoption world. She introduced me to a special program at the University of Minnesota. In exchange for a donation, their International Adoption Medicine Program and Clinic will review your child's records and provide insight. I emailed them on Monday and received this encouraging and hopeful report about Charlie's health. I held my breath as I opened the email but then relaxed as I read through this seemingly optimistic report. I can hardly wait to pump love and nutrition into that little being.

Dear Lisa and James:

Thanks for sending Chuan Qian's records for review. He's a lovely little boy who appears to be doing reasonably well.

His growth is marginal for his given age. however, since they estimated his birthday and we don't know his birthweight or gestational age, his growth could be completely appropriate for his actual age. His update in November puts him slightly below or at the lower limits of normal. I'm reasonably certain that he'll catch up nicely when he reaches your home and grow within the normal range.

His lab tests showed a weakly positive hepatitis B surface antibody which may be due to his immunizations. He also had a weakly positive hepatitis B e antibody which could either be a false positive or be antibody transferred from his birth mother prior to birth. The most important test was the hepatitis B surface antigen which was negative so he doesn't have hepatitis B. He also tested negative for HIV and syphilis.

His development is close to being normal for his given age. Again, it may be completely normal for his actual age if he was a bit premature or they miscalculated his chronological age. Again, I'm optimistic that he'll catch-up once he reaches your home.

His atrial septal defect (hole between the two minor pumping chambers of the heart) is very small and should resolve spontaneously. I agree that all he needs in another echo in about 12 months.

The only other issue is a mild anemia which is common in China. Iron supplementation once you return (if it's still low) will likely take care of the problem.

Overall, I'm optimistic about his future in your home. If you have any questions, let me know.


Carmen said...

Oh what a great report. Are you day dreaming about what Charlie is going to be like? The anticipation of a child (by birth or adoption) is such a special time.

Melissa Portie said...

What a great report!!!! Can't wait to pictures of him with your family!!!!

Rog N Deege said...

Lisa, Jim, and Madi,
Good news! Congrats on getting the LOA quickly as well! Excited for your family!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lisa - what wonderful news!!! I can imagine how you must have felt opening the e-mail. Your heart must be racing 24/7 with anticipation. So happy for you all and, Charlie is a great name. I keep thinking of that famous british kid from youtube saying, "Charlie bit me! and it really hurts!!"
-Tracy Simmons

Allison said...

Lisa: Great report! We used U Of M for a medical analysis for Kendall and they were great. There's also an International Adoption Clinic right here in Fairfax, VA at INOVA hospital that will do a pre-adoption medical analysis for you over the phone or via email. The doctor that does them is named Dr. Mason and he's great! Here's the URL which is slightly out of date, but they are extremely responsive and will even give you support overseas.