Sunday, December 8, 2013


This first week of Advent was all about hope. And I felt it so intensely.


As we prepare our hearts in anticipation of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.


As we prepare our hearts for another child in our home.

I am at such peace with this adoption process, and I have complete faith that God's hand is in all of this. I feel patient, even with the wait this time around. Somehow, I've found the way out of my type-A shell, and I am letting God. It feels right.

We received an email early in the week that the orphanage is willing to send our little one for a new MRI, since they haven't sent the original for whatever reason. As I mentioned before, Jimmy and I will gladly pay for this new MRI. Believe it or not, in China the MRI will only cost $200 U.S. dollars.

We also received another new piece of information...a CT scan report from 2012. We have forwarded the report to a couple of trusted medical professionals, but again...we realize that we want "the real thing," which is why we have asked our agency to proceed with our formal request. Whether the information helps us decide to bring this child into our family or someone elses, we do believe that it is money well spent for this child's future.

Jimmy and I received, on Wednesday, notification of our appointments with USCIS for fingerprinting on 12/18...another important step in the process that we look forward to knocking off our list. 

As we enter this second week of Advent, we have a nice surprise visitor at our house. Madi is in her second year of CCD classes, and since the beginning of the semester, Sister Lucy has been rotating a special statue of the Blessed Mother among the students. When I picked up Madi from class today, I noticed she was holding a big red bag. I had forgotten about the statue, which Madi has so desperately wanted to bring home, and I asked her where the bag came from.

"I GOT MARY!" she replied so proudly. 

I don't know why but I became very emotional. Weirdly, I couldn't stop crying. I guess it just seems like a beautiful and very fitting time for us to have the Blessed Mother's presence in our home, and I felt like it was a sign that the Holy Spirit is with us.

I pray she brings us miracles this week.


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Nana and Papa said...

This Christmas was difficult for me. My health inhibited how involved in all the preparations I could be. Like you, I am a type A personality. I have a very strong devotion to The Holy Family. I have always felt, being an earthly family, they can relate to many issues I face. Well, for Christmas my husband gave me a statue of Mary and Joseph holding their newborn baby. I treasure it. When my shoulders get heavy, I look at this icon and remember all they handled throughout their earthly life. My problems don't seem near as heavy. I wish your family a wonderful year while waiting for your next addition to your family. I'm so glad Madi got to bring Mary home!