Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Letter for Lulu

With the lack of updates and photos of Lulu in this process, Jimmy and I made the decision to do something that we haven't done for any of our other adoptions, mostly because we just didn't know about it. Through With an Open Heart, I've connected with a lovely friend who runs an organization called Ladybugs N Love that provides various services for your child(ren) in their orphanage for a very reasonable cost.

On March 16, we sent our request to have a large "adoption celebration" cake sent to Lulu and all of her friends in her orphanage! It's difficult to think about all the children who are left behind, but I hope it brought them joy to celebrate with Lulu. As part of the fee, they always attempt to get photos of your child with the cake, and they include a (translated) letter, too! I was tearing up just thinking about the letter, nevermind writing it, and I wanted to share it here:

(For Dang Lu Lu)
Dear Lu Lu,
We are so excited to adopt you into our family! We have been looking at your pictures and watching you grow for months! I am your new Mama and you have a Daddy and a big sister and two brothers! We all love you, and we promise to protect you and make you feel safe, and we will have so much fun together! We will be there as soon as we can to bring you home. Enjoy your celebration cake with your friends. We love you so much!

(For the Caretakers)
We are very excited to welcome Dang Lu Lu as a member of our family. We hope to be there soon to adopt her.  Lu Lu will have a big sister (10 years old), two big brothers (7 and 6 ½) who are from China, too!  She will be surrounded by many family and friends who love her very much. We look forward to traveling to your beautiful country again to experience the culture which we hope to keep as an important part of Lu Lu’s life. Lu Lu looks like such a happy little girl, and it is obvious that she has been very well loved by all of those who take care of her at the orphanage. The love and affection that you give stays with these children for their entire lives. We will be sure that she knows how fortunate she was to have such wonderful care in her early years. We hope that Lu Lu and her friends enjoy this “Adoption Celebration” cake, and we can’t wait to meet her soon! We will be looking at her pictures every day until we can see her sweet smile in person! Please let us know if there is anything that you need for the orphanage that we can bring while we are there to adopt Dang Lu Lu.

Well, today we received a very nice and welcome AND video! Travel approval is right around the corner, and we can hardly wait to get our hands on our little Lulu!! 

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