Sunday, May 1, 2016

Holy Ground.

Oh friends, I've got so much backtracking to do on this blog, but I'm going to start with today. Because it was about perfect inside the Home of Jesus at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Chapel on Shamian Island.

Our little one remained calm for the entire hour-and-a-half Mass as if she felt the Holy Spirit within that church. She flipped through the pages of the missal and tried to sing the songs with the choir in an English service. She clasped her cute little hands together and blinked her eyes tightly to mimic our actions, and she kneeled down with the rest of us in prayer. 

It was blessed.


And then the homily. The Priest spoke of true Love and Obedience, and my heart was filled with peace and calmness as we journey into new territory for our family. My eyes filled with tears as I stared up at that ceiling and remembered being on this same holy ground with each of our children, including our precious angel, Daniel.

It was sacred.

And though I've felt consumed from the sin of worry more than I'd like to admit this week, today the Holy Spirit gave me sweet signs and whispered to my heart saying, "You are loved. It will be okay. Trust me." God is good. All the time.

It was a peace that transcends understanding. 

After we shared in the Eucharist with brothers and sisters from all over the world inside this tiny chapel restored back in 1892, the Lecture asked new guests to please rise and introduce themselves. I nearly jumped up out of the pew to introduce this child...our precious and beloved daughter who spent her first five years in the confines of an orphanage and was now--miraculously--attending her first Mass with a mother and a father. I'm sure mine weren't the only tears shed in that moment.

And it was about perfect. It was the Grace of God.


Martina Newman said...

What a wonderful day! ❤️

LaKasha Strickland said...

Oh yah!! I'm so glad everything seems to be going so amazing!! I just got to see the y'all were able to go to Shamian Island. We're y'all able to shop?? Did you find any ornaments???