Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Banyan

Today was Madi's first day back to Banyan Creek for speech classes. We are thrilled that she is back in the loving care of Ms. Dana. She was excited for her first day, especially since she will be eating lunch with the other kids.

Drop-off was tougher for me than I had planned. As my almost-five year old beauty exited the car, I realized that I was emotional because I was missing both my children. This was the first time dropping Madi off at Banyan without Daniel in the car with me, and it was totally overwhelming. I can see that these unexpected moments are going to hit me--to hit us--probably forever. Thank the Lord for strength and joyful memories.


Biba said...

Oh, Lis, Max will derail your train from time to time. You had many firsts with him, and you will have many firsts without him. Embrace The former.

We love you. You are our Champs.

Bubba and Grampster

Melissa Portie said...

Continuing to pray for you guys!!!

Mo said...

Fudge!!! U are amazing beautiful and strong :) I miss you and want to hug you so badly...Madi looks adorable she's such a love. YOU ARE BLESSED..Miss you so much..