Saturday, August 28, 2010

Madi goes to the dentist

I totally procrastinated on getting Madi to her first dental appointment, mostly because the sea of pediatric dentists was new to me, and I was overwhelmed by the options. I finally decided on a female dentist in the next town over after seeking a few recommendations.

The appointment was a nightmare. We were there for two hours, no joke. It was painful. The office also had a very strange feeling and aura. It was truly like a Twilight Zone episode, or maybe it was just our timing. Luckily, Julianna came along to help entertain Madi. The bottom line was that they were unable to get her bite wing x-rays (she was crying hysterically in pain), and they found a small cavity in a molar. On the way out, as they scheduled Madi's filling, they explained to me their policy of "no parents allowed" during procedures. WHAT? No parents allowed? Are you kidding me?? I am totally not okay with that. Call me crazy and overprotective, but there is NO part of me that's okay with that!

I lamented about the situation and put out feelers to various friends for more names of pediatric dentists. Apparently, the 'no parents' thing is common policy! Look, it's not that I don't trust the staff. I understand the part about the open room and lots of people around to witness what's happening. It's just that I want to be one of those people!!!

Sorry for ranting. I guess I feel pretty strongly about this.

I called my parents to fill them in. My Dad was furious that I hadn't called (or visited) our family dentist, Dr. Juliano, in Boca. My Mother agreed. DUH. I have no idea why I never considered him. I suppose it was because everyone else takes their kids to a pediatric dentist, and I thought Madi would get more of a 'warm and fuzzy' feeling there? That couldn't have been farther from our experience...

Last week, Dr. Juliano squeezed us in for a consult. He was so unbelievable with Madi. I mean--he must be good if Ariel the mermaid is among his clientele, right?? He was able to easily and painlessly get the bite wing x-rays, assess the situation, and give Madi a dry run of what to expect. Madi hit the treasure box, and we hit the road.

On Thursday, we went for the filling. Unbelievable. They got the job done without any anesthesia--NOTHING--no gas (like the other place was going to use), no Novocaine--N-O-T-H-I-N-G!! Dr. Juliano told Madi that he was painting her tooth and that it would tickle a little bit. She let out a giggle here and there, and we were out of there in fifteen minutes. Madi asked us if she could go there forever.

So relieved that's over! On to the next issue...


Anonymous said...

We're one of those people too. I have had my kids seen at several different pediatric dentists in the area. If you want to compare notes, let me know. I'm so glad your family dentist was able to do the work. He sounds like a treasure.
Amy Sexton

Carmen said...

Great job Mama Bear! They guy I go to allows us in but is not happy with me when I deny them taking X-rays. Once in a great, when there is a need but not every visit - no reason to.

Claudia Menton said...

thanks for posting the dental appt. experience. It's great to see things from the patient's perspective. I'm glad things went well for you & Madi the 2nd time:)
Best of wishes on your next journey to China and tell both Jims I said "hi".