Sunday, October 17, 2010

Logged in

So Friday night, I was in Orlando for the Juice Plus conference, and I accidentally left my cell phone in the hotel room. I called Jimmy from Lisa's phone around 7pm and told him to call her phone if he needed me for anything. Both of us knew that chances of that were slim but he appreciated the information.

Halfway through dinner, Lisa pulls her phone out of her purse and notices that Jimmy has left two messages and he sent two emails asking me to call the house. Hmmmm.

Apparently, Holt called the house at around 8:00 (it was the end of the work day in Oregon) to report that our dossier has been logged in! When the phone rang, Jimmy was half asleep so Madi answered the phone. When asked if her Mommy was home, she replied, "No, my Mommy's not home." The Holt representative then asked if Daddy was there, to which Madi also replied, "No". Luckily Jimmy could hear what was happening and quickly grabbed the phone to speak with them and receive the news that our dossier has been logged in. Holt is supposed to receive a group of referrals early this week. If our child is in that group, then we will be matched together.

Today, Jimmy and I celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. We are blessed to have so much to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I am praying for you to get that very special Anniversary call!


Carmen said...

Wow. Things are moving fast. There is no more thriller of a ride than the one you are on. Hold on tight...

And Happy Anniversary! Team Murphy rocks!

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Jim: We are praying your son or daughter (or both!) are in that batch of referrals.
Thinking of you,
Allison & family

Melissa Portie said...

Praying for you guys and your son or daughter! Very exciting news.

Ana said...

Happy happy anniversary! Congratulations on the log in. We are so excited for you! 3Ds