Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safety Rules

This month is safety month at Madi's preschool. Yesterday, the firemen came to visit and the kids were able to climb aboard a fire engine and look around. Madi came home totally pumped up about safety. She rolled around on the floor practicing her 'Stop, drop, and roll'. Then, she put on her new fire hat, goggles, and a face mask and rolled around in the backyard practicing more. She would climb up into her fort and Daddy would have to be the fireman and come save her from the fire, so she was practicing her exit strategy. Then she would be the 'firegirl' and she would practice running as fast as she could to save a pretend baby.

When she went to bed last night, she requested that we talk instead of reading a book. She was very inquisitive about our exit plan in event of a fire. We had to review each scenario and go over our escape route for each scenario. She made each of us take turns to say something important about safety. She was hilarious, but it was amazing to see how seriously she is taking safety. She plans to make a safety book with Bubba when they get back to Florida.

I am leaving today for the Juice Plus conference in Orlando. Daddy promised Madi that part of Friday will be dedicated to teaching Madi how to open and jump out of her bedroom window in the event of an emergency. Crazy to teach a five year old this? We have cautioned her that this is something only to be done in case of a true emergency. Something tells me that she 'gets it'!


Anonymous said...

hi lisa-had that today at kai's vpk! got the hat too and colored "stop, drop and roll" in her coloring book she got today... no firetruck but the police car came and sat in that! hugs to u all..!! nicki ps madi looks so cute!!

Anonymous said...

I can remember when they showed a scary movie at school about plaque (on your teeth). I was probably Madi's age and it still sticks with me. I was afraid to go to sleep because plaque would be creeping onto my teeth. They used to scare me with those safety things too. I would come home saying, "we have too much stuff plugged in, we're going to have a fire". It doesn't sound like Madi is scared but very, very aware.
- Tracy Simmons

Biba said...

Tell her Bubba lived through a house fire at her age in Denver. I'll tell her the tale when we get there.