Friday, January 7, 2011

Our Little Star Madi

With all the excitement of Christmas, I neglected to focus on a couple of milestones for Madi. She graduated from her speech class with Miss Dana and Miss Debra. They have been such angels and we have been so blessed to have such an awesome program right in our neighborhood school. I attended her little graduation celebration along with Jimmy, Bubba and Grandpa. She was very pleased to draw such a crowd. Since it was her 'special day', they allowed her to be the leader with some of the daily activities. Oh, how she enjoys being the leader:-)

Madi also finished off her pre-k 4 term with a glowing progress report. The kind and heartfelt words of her teacher, Mrs. Avogardo, brought tears to my eyes (doesn't take much...:). We are so proud of Madi and all of her accomplishments.

She is thrilled to have Tuesday and Thursday mornings freed up, so she will be readily available to help care for her little brother. She's already told me that I can still do my emails, and she will take care of him!

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