Friday, February 3, 2012

Accepting the Award

I've been "tagged" by my blog friend, Amy, of  Learning to Fly with Chopsticks.  Thank you, Amy. This is the first time I've participated in anything like this and feel honored to receive this little "award" that's been circulating in the blogosphere.

The rules of the award are this:  1) Thank the person who gave you this award.  2) list 7 things people may not know about you.  3) pass it along to a few other bloggers. 

Trying to come up with seven things to share about myself was not an easy task. Quite painful, actually. Most of the things that instantly come to mind are not worth sharing, or just things that I've been trying to forget!  Thanks, Amy, for giving me this grueling task of self-discovery!

So...let's see what I can dig up (or care to, anyways)

1) I'm 65% deaf in my left ear and blind as a bat. Thank goodness for the invention of contact lenses, but the hearing thing is just something I've learned to live with.  My husband will tell you that I have "selective hearing," but I can assure you that my deafness has been medically proven.  What?  Did you say something?

2) I have a phobia of being late. As a child, I would show up at the bus stop about 25-30 minutes early. Soon after, I would develop a horrible stomach ache for fear that I'd missed the bus. Relief arrived daily, about 20 minutes after, when another kid would finally come to the bus stop. And the vicious cycle continued...

3) I took tap dance lessons with my friend Sherril...when we were almost forty!!  It was pathetic, to say the least. We did just fine at the recital, but we looked like a couple of drag queens. Never again. The funniest part was that I dragged Sherril into it, and she was fine. It was I who was a total wreck before the recital. Just moments before, I began yawning incessantly (later to find out that was my body's response to obtain oxygen in such crisis), and I felt like I had to use the restroom. Like, really badly. After the recital, I didn't even remember what had happened on that stage...

4) I have two pairs of stretchy, black Adidas "Mommy pants," and I wear them virtually every. single. day. Except, of course, on the "rare" occasion that they are in the wash (just kidding, I do wash them every couple of days).  Yes, it's true. Think "Caillou's Mom." She's my idol. Those who see me on a regular basis have already observed this trend...for several years now. Sure I have other choices, but it's just so easy for my fashionably-challenged brain to reach for those comfy, all-weather duds. And they go with almost any t-shirt that I pull out of my drawer... 

5) Up until last year, I could still do a split. Is that impressive??  The days of my paltry attempts at adult gymnastics (cartwheels, round-offs, splits) are now over. After I blew my knee out last Summer at Bible camp doing the obstacle course with the five-year olds--ALL DONE. I wouldn't even risk trying.

6) I was a bossy and controlling little girl. My husband would tell you that I still am.  I used to host "clubs" at my house as a child, and then I'd order all of my unsuspecting "guests" to read books like I was some psychotic domineering teacher-gone-bad. If they failed to comply, forget about it. Well, honestly, they were too freaked out not to comply, so that really wasn't an issue. The club didn't last very long since all my little friends went home crying day one. I was very little. Perhaps a Napoleon complex was rearing it's ugly head...

7) I'm the happiest I've ever been - RIGHT NOW. I guess it's because, at 45, I love who I am, and I love where I am in my life. I'm thankful for my relationship with God, and I love my family and my friends immensely. With age, comes wisdom.

There. I did it. Please don't ask me to come up with more. I'm sure many of my friends would be happy to divulge some "bonus" shares about me, but please spare us all...

Now...for my blog picks to carry the torch (if they so desire)...I'd like to pass on this award to...(drumroll please)...

1) Miss Jennifer over at  Praying Adam Home
2) Miss Ann over at Crazy for Kids
3) Miss Ana over at The Gigster (she hasn't posted in a while, and she's very funny...)


Amy said...

LOVE IT!! Thanks for participating!! I'm also deaf & blind! I've had chronic ear infections since I was a baby. I've had at least 5 sets of tubes in a matter of 3 years, so scar tissue has taken some of my hearing. And, until last April when I got Lasik, I was so very blind!!

I was always too much of a "rule-follower" to be very demanding or controlling. My mom never "cursed" me with a kid "just like me" because every parent dreams of having a "rule-following" kid :)


Ann said...

Oh my goodness! I just feel like I WON A BIG PRIZE!!! You made my day! I can't wait to share my "things you might not know about me." We are having a teenager birthday/slumber party tonight, so I'm sure I'll be up late and able to post then.
PS Wish I had known about your paranoid-to-be-late gift--could have used you to nudge me a little in Guangzhou where I felt we were constantly late!! :-)
PPS Article 5 this week! Waiting on TA!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Lisa for passing it on to me.
I have to admit that I have a thing about being late too.
So funny as I have often thought I would like to tap dance. My daughters do it. I could never do a recital though. Good for you!

What do I do to participate in the "passing of the torch"?


Ana said...

Thanks, Lisa, for passing this on. Hmmm, what can I share that wouldn't be a complete embarrassment to myself and my family??? Ana ;)