Monday, February 20, 2012

Jump Rope for Hearts

The "Jump Rope for Hearts" event, sponsored by the American Heart Association, finally took place at Madi's school on Friday after being rescheduled from a rain-out the previous week.

Any event supporting heart causes is obviously very close to our hearts here in the Murphy household. Madi planned to jump for Daniel, and she raised some money for the cause from family members.

I arranged for Bubba to babysit Charlie so that I could surprise Madi and volunteer for the event.  When I arrived at school, her class was just returning to class from lunch. When Madi saw me, she smiled from ear to ear. God, I love that girl. I went to her and told her why I was there, and she beamed even brighter. It feels so good to be her Mom.

When I got to the sports field, it became clear that "Jump Rope for Hearts" at this school was more like a field day. Apparently because there are so many children, many of which cannot jump rope, they decided to tweak the event and make it more of a "Exercise for Hearts," and it seemed to work out fine.  The kids loved it.

I'll take any chance I can get to spend time with Madi at school. I wish I could be a fly on her classroom wall every day. It was a blessing to be there.


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