Friday, March 9, 2012

Our son plays with dolls


And I love it. What? Is there something wrong with that??  Not in my book...

Last night, Madi decided to pull out a few of her babies to introduce to Charlie. It has been a while since they've surfaced, but she wanted to bring them out, since he took a liking to one over at Bubba's house.

He played for about twenty minutes, taking time to feed them and cover them with blankets.

Then, when it was close to his 7 p.m. bedtime, Madi and Charlie took the dolls in his room and tucked them into his big-boy bed (he still sleeps in his crib at night).

Madi talked him into taking one tiny baby into the crib with him. He wasn't so sure at first, but decided to give it a try. I figured if he got freaked out at some point, I would find the baby face down on the floor this morning.

I heard him on the monitor talking to the doll until about 8 o'clock last night. Then all the babies must've gone to sleep shortly thereafter.

Charlie woke up with the tiny baby next to him this morning:)

He's such a sweet kid...

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Amy said...

I love that! Milo plays with dolls, too. What I can never get enough of... seeing him take care of those babies so lovingly & with such care. It shows me that these boys were obviously treated with the same love & care. And hopefully they'll carry that on to whenever they have their own kiddos. :)