Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Chip off the Old Block

When I was six-years old, my friend Susan and I used to walk the neighborhood (in Atlanta, GA area) selling tickets for our "gymnastics show" which consisted of doing a couple of tricks on Susan's monkey bars and then taking a bow.

Easy money.

I see Madi is following in my footsteps. She has been busy preparing "her stage" this afternoon.  The stage is her bedroom, and her show consists of dancing and magic tricks.

She hit me up for a ticket. She's all business. Her entry fee is a quarter. And I'm going to spring for Jimmy, too. Madi called to invite Bubba and Grandpa, and they will arrive promptly at 4:30.

Thanks to her "babies are free" policy, Charlie gets off cheap.

So excited to see the show! This is gonna be cute. Will have to post pix!!

The Performer

The Audience

The Performer and her little assistant

A volunteer from the audience

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Biba said...

All I can say is "WOW". I hear David Copperfield owns his own Island with resort accommodations now. We are hoping !!!