Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The First Sleepover...

...did not happen. But it was a good effort.

Madi had big plans for Charlie to sleepover in her bed.

We went out to dinner with Bubba and Grandpa on Saturday night.

She could hardly wait to get home, get bathed, and get into bed.

Charlie had "practiced" by napping in her room earlier that day. And the dry run had been a complete success.

But Charlie was a little fired up at bedtime. Madi read him some stories, and she was quite tired from all the planning.

We could hear them on the monitor. Well, we could mostly hear Madi on the monitor explaining to Charlie that it was time to go to sleep. Her directive was followed by many squeals and giggles coming from one little crazy boy.

The two emerged from the bedroom at around 8:30. Madi had finally conceded. But not without tears. She was heartbroken that Charlie wasn't ready.

We'll have plenty of time to try again...

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