Monday, May 7, 2012


I love when the Holy Spirit shows up in the simple parts of our everyday life.

Madi had a school project due today. Of course, we've known about this project for weeks, and even though Madi chose her subject--the turtle--right away, we waited until the last possible moment to get the job done. Typical Murphy's Law fashion.

She and I were a bit thrown off because there are just so many types of turtles to research.  Too many actually. Which type of turtle should we hone in on?  Let's just work on it later...

But last Friday afternoon, as we pulled into our driveway after Girl Scouts, Madi and I spotted something rather large and unusual in our driveway. Well, guess what it was? Yep. A giant turtle. 

Turns out it was a Florida Softshell Turtle.  So guess which type of turtle Madi happened to do her project about?  With a couple of nice photographs included, I might add.  I just know she'll get 100% again...


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