Monday, July 9, 2012

Fun with the Godfamily

Daniel and Charlie's Godfamily, that is--Aunt Sheila, Uncle David, Murphy and Myles.

The kids had a blast swimming together and making pizzas. It was Charlie's first time on the BIG waterslide, so Mommy stayed inside for most of that heart-palpitating action.

We always have so much fun with them. Good times, good conversation, and good food ALWAYS guaranteed:)

Fun with Myles
Charlie's first slide ride!
Up for air!
Jumping together
Surfing Daddy-style
Madi and Daddy
Making pizza with Murphy
Aunt Sheila exchanges cookies for hugs:)
Charlie with Aunt April

1 comment:

Biba said...

Fabulous photos of the water babies. You had a great 4th judging from this blog :-)