Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The barking baby

So...I promised you a post about Charlie's desire to be a household pet during our stay in Michigan. We have much proof in the form of photos.

When we arrived in Michigan, Charlie quickly took to Aunt Kathy and Kelsey's two cuties, Hogan and Hollister. He also took to their cages.  I seems wrong to let him get in there, but he was truly content! I promise!! 

And though Aunt Kathy graciously gave up her master bedroom for our family, Charlie opted out of the king-sized bed, and insisted upon sleeping in the doggie's bed on the floor!  And he slept very well, I might add!  Silly dog boy!

Of course, he claimed his stake on the cat's condos, too!  He's a territorial little guy...



Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't like to be a dog? Their only job is to look cute and get anything they want. Charlie has mastered that :-)

Love the pics.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. I have always thought dog beds look so comfortable - no wonder he wanted to curl up there.
- Tracy Simmons