Tuesday, November 27, 2012


This Thanksgiving was spent in New Smyrna Beach with Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick, and we seemed to keep coming back to a certain theme.


The stuff that carves memories into stone. And the experiences that children remember most about their childhood due to the beautiful and simple familiarity of it all.

So, we realized, after spending several Thanksgiving holidays in New Smyrna that we've built some traditions of our own.

We always drive up on Wednesday...making at least three pit stops and turning a normally three-hour drive into much, much more.

We always go to Stavros Pizza for dinner that night, where I totally binge on the best Greek salad on earth.  And Madi makes at least two mandatory trips to the potty (cause a girl's always gotta check out the restroom at a restaurant).


We always stay up a little late catching up, playing, and prepping for the next day.  Madi helps Aunt Diane make appetizers, a centerpiece, and place cards for the table.

Madi always helps Uncle Rick make the pumpkin pies the next morning (which were exceptional this year:)  Aunt Diane claims it was Madi's touch, because she patiently stirs the pie filling until it's just perfect.

Madi always sets the table with Aunt Diane, making sure that everything is in it's proper place. Yeah...she's a little bit of a control freak perfectionist, like her Mom. 

We always play in their gigantic driveway and take a family walk through their neighborhood to collect 'nature'. And we come home with some sticks, some stones, and some cool pine cones.

Aunt Diane and Uncle Rick proceed to whip up a delicious turkey and about ten side dishes, all while making it look as if they're just hanging out and chillin'.

We always eat too much, but the food is always so good.

We always go to bed with full bellies, and get up in the morning to head back home.

And we find ourselves feeling...well...most thankful for all of it.


Hope you managed to form some of your own this Thanksgiving!

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Biba said...

It all sounds "Rockwell perfect". I think the aprons add to the whole picture :-)