Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twirling Debut

Last night was a BIG night for Madi. She had her twirling debut at a college football game with the entire South Florida Dynamics twirling team.

You heard me. A college football game.  FAU vs. FIU.

Of course, the game didn't matter a hoot to me (even if we were rooting for the owls). All I cared about was the half-time show. Because my daughter was performing.

WOW.  Pinch me!!!

Madi was SO a-w-e-s-o-m-e. She claims that she was "a little bit" nervous, but I swear the kid thrives under pressure!  It was reported that she was shown on the Jumbotron (the giant TV screen)!

I'll stop typing now to give you a pre-performance glimpse of our little beauty. Can you tell that we are just a wee-bit proud of our girl??



Anonymous said...

wow.. she is gorgeous.. just fantastic!!! how awesome!!!!

Rita and John said...

Wow! So amazing! You must be so proud of your girl!

Biba said...

She had to have looked fabulous out there on the field. Way to go, Madi!!!