Saturday, February 16, 2013

My funny Valentines

Kids make holidays so special, don't they?  Valentine's Day, or should I say "week" was no exception.

Madi had a homework assignment of making a card box for school. Daddy took charge of this project last Sunday while I headed off to Mass. I must give Daddy the ultimate kudos, because Madi's Valentine box, constructed from a Girl Scout cookie case, was simply beautiful!  And they even made one for Charlie, too!

The week brought several parties. Charlie attended two of them. One was hosted by his friend, Beck, and the other took place with his YMCA class.

Madi had her usual school party, and I had the pleasure of volunteering in the classroom. We made necklaces of heart-shaped cereal and cards for the children's loved ones. The kids enjoyed some yummy heart-shaped melon, too.


We enjoyed dinner at Bubba and Grandpa's house. We are so blessed to have them here to celebrate with!

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