Friday, February 8, 2013

Miss Ruby

This woman is a treasure.  She's a neighbor of ours, but more than that, she is definitely a friend. The kind you have for life.

Ruby has grown kids (two teenagers) and has been dedicated to caring for other people's little ones for the past ten years, if not more. But she doesn't just "watch" them...she truly adores them.

And they love her, too.

All three of our children have benefited from Ruby's love and kindness through the many festivities she's graciously hosted through the years...from Easter egg hunts to Christmas parties with Santa.

Last fall, Ruby offered to take Charlie as a "fourth" into her Fun Friday club. His best buddy, Mason, is in her care that day, along with two other sweet friends his age. They are a perfect group. 

It has been such a heartwarming feeling to watch Charlie proudly march down the street with his backpack on--a real "big boy"--and into Ruby's house, without any hesitation or separation anxiety, but with sincere enthusiasm and excitement to see his friends. Ruby and her Mom walk the kids to the nearby park as part of their normal everyday routine, and they play outside the way little kids should. The experience of consistent interaction with his peers has been so good for Charlie. He's learned many lessons about sharing with his buddies, and the time with them has definitely improved his language skills.

Last Friday was Charlie's last Friday at Ruby's, because she was given the opportunity to care for a new baby, which will require a lot more of her attention. We feel so blessed that Charlie could be a part of their Fun Fridays at all, and we are thankful that we will still be able to join them at the park on occasion.

Thank you, Miss Ruby, from the bottom of our hearts!  We love you!!

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