Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Our life has been temporarily taken over by cookie madness. Madi's a Girl Scout Daisy again this year, and cookie season is in full force.

Lord, grant us peace.

I swear they could make a movie about this subject. In fact, haven't they?  I is such an interesting phenomenon, this "cookie thing."

What fascinates me the most is the propensity for the moms to get so involved in the sales process. I mean, who's wearing that vest, anyway?  In fact, I've caught myself in the act more than a few times. I finally made a deal with another selling mom that we should call each other out if we start trying to take over for the girls. Thankfully, that's kept us in check (for the most part).

But I did make a ground rule last year that still is important to us that Madi, in some way, touches every sale. Whether through an email (her "intro" pitch took her 45 minutes to type), a personal phone call, or a personal delivery, Jimmy and I both feel very strongly that this is her job, not mine. She is the Girl Scout...not me.

Not saying that we won't support her, guide her, or coach her, but you won't find her cookies at an office or a location where or when she's not present. Not gonna happen. Only because we don't see any personal gain, experience or otherwise, for her, by doing that.

And please don't feel I'm judging if you see things each his own.

Last year, Madi set out with a goal of 100 boxes. Much to our surprise, she sold just over 400 boxes. This year, she decided--on her own--to jump her goal up to 600.  Ahem...excuse me...what did you just say, child???  I had to bite my tongue when she blurted out her new and improved goal with excitement.

At this point, she has just about hit the half-way mark. Will she make it to her goal?  Don't know. There is a lot of mayhem between now and February 15th in the form of school, gymnastics, and baton performances.

But I do have total faith in her abilities. She gains confidence each time she opens her mouth. And this girl?  She can sell some cookies for the military troops. I don't know how much she's raised so far, but man...I've only heard a handful of people say "no" to her request for a donation.


And speaking of sweet, I think I hear those thin mints calling me...again...


Melissa Portie said...

Go Madi!!! You can do it!

Jennifer said...

She takes after you Lisa. You should get her selling Juice Plus as soon as possible. Go Madi!