Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sick days

They do have their advantages. I must say, the kids played together fabulously for the past three days.

Madi picked out their matching tee shirts that my dear friend Tabitha made them in preparation for Charlie's arrival into our family almost two years ago. Madi's says "Charlie's Big Sister" and Charlie's says "Madi's Little Brother." Thankfully, Tabi made them a bit big, and they still fit...but probably not for too much longer, so I was pleased to see them surface.

These two monkeys turned open spaces into campgrounds.

And they shared some computer time together, too. 
Madi loved showing Charlie that he can watch his favorite shows and print coloring pages.


Madi and Charlie stayed in their pj's for hours on end, they spent time coloring together,
they shared picnic lunches together in their pretend surroundings, and I've never seen more imaginative play come out of these two. They truly enjoyed each others company.
Much to my dismay, they both preferred to stay inside and play than get some fresh air outside. 

I think Madi was a little bummed out to return to school this morning, but our household desperately needs to get back to normal! Charlie and I will be taking a walk to the park for some of that fresh air and sunshine I've been craving!

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