Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cheap entertainment

During the holiday hustle and bustle, there was a day when I decided that the kids needed to do  something totally different and out of the ordinary. Something new and exciting to them. But it needed to be something inexpensive, as well.

My answer...a carwash

The old fashioned, mechanical kind that feels like you are on some kind of simulated ride at Disney.


Well...score for Madi, for Charlie--notsomuch.

And in typical theme park fashion, we waited in a line of three cars ahead of us. While the buildup of excitement was taking place inside those little brains, my type-A impatience left me thinking about all of the things that I *should be* doing. Sometimes, that's the break from routine that a Mama needs, too.  I was personally fascinated at how these drive-thru carwashes have evolved over the years. They now use brilliant multi-colored foam soap. Of course, Madi LOVED that part, since purple was in the mix.


Charlie started out okay with the whole thing, but he became more frightened as the experience went on. Madi was so incredibly sweet and loved the opportunity to comfort her little brother.  Overall, it was a great way to break up our errand-running day...but I'm not sure we'll be back there anytime soon. At least not with Char Char in the car!


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Melissa Portie said...

Our Maddie LOVES the car wash - we try and go through several times a week. Mia not so much. Its amazing the small things that entertain them