Sunday, January 13, 2013


This was one crazy week...

We encountered a virus in the Murphy family. I usually take pride in my immune-boosting abilities,  but I have to admit that I'm finally feeling a little rundown myself. Miss Madi managed to avoid the symptoms all week, but woke this morning with a fever.

But Mr. Charlie...yikes...he threw us for a loop this week.  Charlie hasn't been sick much since he came home to us almost two years ago. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to care for a really sick child.  He was spiking high fevers, so we did the Ibuprofen/Tylenol alternating thing for several days. He slept in our bed for three nights just so we could keep a close eye on his fever, and the last two nights I've spent in his wonder I have these cooties, too!  

I took Charlie to the pediatrician on Wednesday morning and he was tested for the flu. The test ran negative, but apparently the test is only 60% accurate, so the docs wanted to treat with Tamiflu just in case, and a steroid to open his airways. When I went to fill the prescriptions, CVS was out of the Tamiflu, and they told me they'd order it. They never called, and Friday morning when I followed up, they still didn't have it, so I treated Charlie's symptoms best I could desperately trying to keep him hydrated and eating, which wasn't an easy task. Suffice it to say, he's not the best patient...

Charlie fell asleep quickly in his stroller after an early afternoon walk, and when he woke up at about 3 p.m., he was fit to be tied. Totally inconsolable. I'd never seen anything like it in his behavior...ever, and it made me completely terrified. Maybe my radar's a bit on the sensitive side, for obvious reasons, but his actions gave the word "tantrum" a new definition. He was kicking, crying, screaming and NOTHING seemed to calm him down. I called the pediatrician right away and they squeezed us in for an appointment. I couldn't even put pants on the poor kid because of his kicking, and he was still so inconsolable that I couldn't keep him in the office because I knew he was upsetting the other children. I received the workout of my life trying to keep him from squirming! All the while, Charlie was letting out a good amount of air, if you know what I mean. 

Thank the Good Lord, I got word that a few good Samaritans noticed his agony and offered up their spots for Charlie. He continued to cry nonstop until about five minutes before the doctor came into the room. In hindsight, I totally suspect that painful gas was the culprit, but at the time I didn't know what to think. After that episode, the doctor definitely wanted Charlie to have Tamiflu, so I made some phone calls to discover that ALL of the local CVS and Walgreen's pharmacies were out of it. We looked like a boiler room with yellow pages, scribbling phone numbers down and making call after call until we finally found the last dose in stock at a Target a few towns away. Craziness. So thank God, after our wild goose chase yesterday, Charlie is now on Tamiflu and seems to be improving slowly but surely.

There is nothing like a good health scare to make you extra appreciative for your blessings. And there is nothing that brings out the love and nurturing of a Mom more than caring for your sick kids, right? I couldn't be MORE thankful to have my Mom and Dad here with us. They been such troopers in our time of need. It's such a blessing just to have an extra set of hands around when you need them! The kids definitely want their "Bubba" when they aren't feeling well.  And so do I:)

On this special day in our Catholic faith, marking the Solemnity of the Baptism of Jesus and the last day of the Christmas season, it certainly gives our family renewed perspective and a strong reminder to be grateful for everything that we have. We are thankful for the baptismal waters of eternal life that give us HOPE.

And while I'm here battling a mere flu virus in my home, it seems so insignificant when I think of my dear heart Mama friends who sit next to their precious daughters in ICU as they fight for their lives. These amazing mothers would gladly take severe gas pains...or a flu...or just about anything, I'm sure, to get their babies hearts and bodies healed and safely back home. As you reflect, today, on the Holy sacrament of baptism, please pray for these sweet children. Pray for their families who exhibit such amazing grace, faith and strength during such a difficult time. Please pray for the surgeons who work with these precious babes, and pray for their comfortable and complete recoveries. And I know their parents would welcome any additional prayers that you happen to think of:)

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Rita and John said...

Oh, Lisa. Poor Charlie, and poor you. What misery. I hope everyone is back to full health soon. Thank you for the reminder to prayer for those heart babies.