Sunday, March 31, 2013


Christ has risen!  Hallelujah!  And this morning, I find myself still mesmerized by a shell I found at the beach yesterday.

Amongst a sandy shoreline filled with millions of imperfect and broken shells, there sat this perfectly whole and unblemished conch shell. It reminded me of Jesus.  I found it on Holy Saturday--a "quiet" time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. A day when we reflect upon His death and HOPE for more of His presence. It felt so special to find this precious creation of God, tucked away beneath the feet of thousands--but revealed to me.

   It was a beautiful day at the beach.



And a cool breeze.

On Holy Saturday.

Two years ago, we celebrated Charlie's baptism at the Easter Vigil. It was such a special service, though Charlie was a tired and teething babe. He blew raspberries all over Monsignor Tom. Thank God he has a sense of humor!  As Jimmy held him up to the assembly, we couldn't help but think of Simba in The Lion King and the crowd gave a chuckle as Charlie belted out a loud noise, as if to say, "Amen!"


This year, we celebrate with friends and family.  The kids colored eggs with neighborhood friends.

Julianna and Madi decided to paint Charlie like an egg, too. He loves being "tended to," so he didn't fuss as they played spa and painted his toenails bright pink.

And this morning brought sugar...and more sugar. After beheading his chocolate bunny, Charlie opened not one, not two, but three ring pops at the same time and joyfully took turns licking all three. Thanks, Bubba and Grandpa. I am thankful this took place at your house!


Proving that there was something in it for everyone, Bubba and Grandpa made this adorable arrangement for Daniel.  Happy Easter!  May God continue to bless your lives abundantly!

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