Wednesday, April 3, 2013



Finally!  Our seven-and-a-half year old has lost a tooth!

Oh, dear friends, you have no idea...

How we've heard about this for two years now.

It started in Pre-K as some of the little ones began losing teeth. And then in Kindergarten.  And again in First grade.

For a good year, Madi's prayer requests have included, "And please let me have a loose tooth."

It was such a popular topic around here, that Charlie's been convinced, for months, that he has a loose tooth, too!

Madi's bottom front tooth started to wiggle before Christmas!  Yes, it's been that long. And right behind those two front teeth...two big ones started to take up space right behind them. We called the dentist only to be told "Let nature take it's course."  Advice that we liked hearing, but really?  It took almost four months for that tiny little joker to pop out (with Daddy's help, I must add)!

As a Mommy, I always viewed losing that first tooth as losing part of my baby. But the Good Lord had my back on this one, too, because I totally don't feel that way now, given her age. In fact, I've even been quite ready for tooth-losing-territory for some time, especially when I started to imagine a future orthodontist bill!

Last night, Madi quickly scribbled a note to the Tooth Fairy. It read:  "I really want to keep my tooth, but I want the prize, too!  How does that work?"

Well, I can tell you how it works. Her wish was granted!  She found a five dollar bill under her pillow, and the tooth was there, too!



Rita Buettner said...

So exciting! Our 5-year-old can't wait to lose his first tooth!

Biba said...

Love the toothless grin -)

traci said...

I have a feeling J will lose her teeth late too. Since she was late at getting them. She was 15 months with just her 2 bottom teeth.