Monday, April 22, 2013

Bubba's Babes

Bubba and Grandpa headed back to California last weekend. They traveled by way of New Hampshire to pay my brother and his family a visit for a couple of weeks. We were, of course, sad to see them go, but they are coming back in September to be here for the kid's birthdays!

The last six months went by with the blink of an eye. I am so incredibly grateful to have their support, and the kids enjoyed so much quality time with them on this trip to Florida. Bubba and Grandpa always kindly offer themselves as our primary babysitters on the few occasions when Jimmy and I have plans. But on this trip, their time with Charlie was spent mostly during the week and allowed me to volunteer in Madi's classroom and Girl Scouts, do Juice Plus and book stuff, take Madi to baton lessons, or even to pick Madi up from school if Charlie was sleeping. It was a relief to have that reinforcement! It takes a village, and we're blessed with an exceptional village!

It's remarkable, really, that by the time they get close to leaving, Charlie's bond is so tight with Bubba that they are practically inseparable. They totally "get" each other.  He truly is Bubba's boy.  Sometimes I think he would gladly choose Bubba to care for him over me! And as I recall, Madi was the same way at that age.

On this trip, Charlie had his first sleepover...and his second...with Bubba and Grandpa!  On both occasions, he marched out the door with joy, accompanied by his backpack and his "beebee" (blanket). He never looked back. He knows true love when he sees it.

Bubba and Grandpa, we'll be counting the weeks until you come back home to Florida!  Thank God for Skype:)

Bath time
After Madi's baton performance
Downtown for the holidays
Happy Birthday, Bubba!
Bubba's birthday celebration
Fun at La Bamba
Making "parting gifts" for Bubba & Grandpa


Anonymous said...

What a blessing your Mother is to all of you. I feel the same way about mine. It is so nice to run everything by her to be sure I am doing what she would do. I love the pictures! Your Mother is lovely Lisa. - Tracy Simmons

Rita and John said...

Wonderful photos! What a special visit.

Mo said...

Frog..Mummy Bubba is SO BEAUTIFUL I cant stand it! God you have great genes! lucky. I miss her & lil Ditty(know me) too :) xomo

Biba said...

So much happens it's very nice to have a pictoral to help reminisce. It was all fun. More to come :-)