Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hello Summer.

Maybe it's this sinus infection that I'm fighting--or the dismal weather here lately--but I found myself feeling rather melancholy this morning. 

As thrilled as I've been to "ring in" Summer break, I'm kinda sad about the end of the school year.

Since Jimmy was around this morning, I took the opportunity to head over to the school one last time this year to hug the kids and Mrs. Barganier. 

As I walked to the classroom, I actually began weeping. Weird. 

But understandable, I suppose, because we had such a great year. Let me repeat that, because it's worth repeating.

We had such a great year.

I never expected to be a "Room Mom." Guess there's a first for everything. That position certainly wasn't in the plan, but when I stepped up to give our teacher an hour a week (and no one else was readily available to help), I was assigned the title.  

Thanks to the support from my husband, parents, neighbors (Ruby), and friends (Ruby), I was able to watch Madi's face light up like a Christmas tree whenever I entered the classroom. I participated in class parties, field trips, and performed weekly administrative duties to help out. It was such a blessing. All of it. Mrs. Barganier is such a lovely person, and all of Madi's classmates are so adorable. I've really grown to love them all. 

Madi's done so well this year. The girl is gifted in so many areas, and it is wonderful to see her excel in a classroom where she's being challenged daily, and fully embraces the knowledge she's being fed. 

In that regard, the apple fell pretty far from the tree (thank God)!

Bye Bye, first grade. We'll miss you.

Madi with one of the best teachers ever :)

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Kelly said...

Hi. I found your blog from the link up. Our daughter came home from China in July, 2007. She'll be in first grade next year as we said good-bye to a great K through homeschooling. Looking forward to the break and some summer fun!