Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Creature Feature!

To some of our friends in different geographical regions, this "creature feature" may pale in comparison to what you see on a daily or weekly basis in your neck of the woods. Since we're fairly suburban here, we don't normally see much wildlife.

But Summer...'tis the season, I suppose. Because last week? We hosted a few interesting new faces around here...

Jimmy spotted this black snake just hanging out in a tree in our backyard!  YIKES!!

The next day, I saw this bright green lizard in our front yard on our neighbor's house! 
We're accustomed to lizards in these parts, but they're not always this colorful.

But our most surprising guest was this adorable little mallard duck. It's funny that we've always claimed (especially Jimmy) we would never be "those people" who take in the neighborhood ducks and feed them, etc. 

But when this little guy appeared out of nowhere, and accompanied by no one, you'd better believe all four of us were ready and willing to serve our new guest!  How could you not, I ask??

Jimmy named him "Skeeter."  Madi protested and named him "Lucky Ducky." Most surprisingly, Charlie did not name him "Duck Poo!" He named him "Baby Duck," instead, and Charlie was very concerned that this duck could not find his Mama.

We tended to him with water, lettuce, melon, and bread for a couple of days. We even put a cat carrier in the front yard in case he needed a safe place to rest. We weren't sure if he were wounded or just lost. But after a couple days, we saw him take off and fly across the street. We were thrilled that our hospitality gave him the rest that he needed, and we certainly hope that he's been reunited with his family!

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Rita Buettner said...

Wow! Such fun to see which animals live near you. :)