Monday, May 20, 2013

What a weekend!

Madi and I ventured off to Circle F Dude Ranch this weekend with our Girl Scout troop. This was our BIG reward for cookie sales, and it was amazing!  I have to say that Madi left nothing on the table...she is totally fearless. No...I'm not'll see.

We rode up with my dear friend, Carrie, and her daughters Ana and Monica. Madi has been pals with them since they were babies, and they still adore each others company.

When we arrived at our destination, the girls stormed out of the car to claim their bunk beds. We honestly felt like we were on the Amazing Race, and giddy up, we were the first car of our caravan to arrive.  The girls made their beds, and then hustled to put on their swimsuits to hit the lake.

The three of them insisted on hopping into a kayak. Carrie and I didn't even think about the consequences, until it was clear that they had no clue what they were doing. Because they were going around in circles, and they were drifting further and further away from shore. By that time, I was laughing so hard I could barely see. Time for another "Mother of the Year" award. Thank God for the Girl Scout sisterhood. Another girl from a different troop finally went out to rescue them. Thankfully, no one was crying!


After we settled in and had dinner, we were reminded that there was a talent show. Madi's eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. She had brought her batons along, and though she'd forgotten her music, she was "all in" for the show. She did GREAT. You could have heard a pin drop while she was twirling her baton in sheer silence. It was a very proud Mommy moment. pictures :(

The next morning we were up bright and early for a BIG day of activities. We started with water play from 9 - 11. Carrie and I decided to join in the fun with the girls and we managed to conquer the Wibbit and the Summit. Too funny. Thank goodness that carrying Charlie has given me some upper body strength, because that was hard!

After the lake, we went directly to horseback riding. We saddled up and took a 45-minute ride through the property. I was terrified. Madi may have been, too, but we were separated, so she did just fine without sensing Mommy's fear. She was given a horse that supposedly acted up from time to time, so they ended up placing her horse directly behind the leader of our twenty-horse caravan!  


The girls took a breather after lunch and did crafts from 2 - 3 before the insanity began. I totally underestimated my daughter's determination. Madi was totally gung-ho to climb the Alpine Tower, and on first attempt, she made it to the first platform. The second she came down, she declared that she was going to try again.  The second time she made it all the way to the top.  I could have fainted. 

Not quite satisfied with the first try.
Yep...that's her at the tippy top.

And then...she did the same thing with the swing. The next day, Madi insisted that we return so she could go higher the second time around.  As you can see, her mission was accomplished!

Thank God for good harnesses.
That wasn't even the end of our adventure. Those activities were followed by another major jump by Madi onto this water thingamajigger called "The Blob," and even a hayride that evening. I swear she's the energizer bunny! She soaked up every experience possible.

The next day, we did a few things in the a.m., and left Circle F around 11:00. Suffice it to say, it was a jam-packed weekend, and a fun one that we will always remember.  We were five minutes outside of camp, and we took a spontaneous pit stop on "St. Anne Shrine Road," where we found beautiful unexpected treasure. It was the perfect way to end our weekend and count our blessings.


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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a weekend. Everything looks like it was a blast. I bet Charlie was missing you! Madi sure has the spirit of an adventurer! I love the pictures!
- Tracy Simmons