Sunday, May 5, 2013


Madi's CCD (religious prep education classes) ended last week.

I know I mentioned it before, but what a blessing these classes were. I love being involved in anything that Madi's a part of, and I always learn so much from classes taught in "Kidspeak!"

I was so fortunate to be a helper in that classroom. Miss Kathi is so loving and kind. I will truly miss seeing her smiling face every Sunday, and I know Madi will, too. Madi and I both received the most awesome Goddie bags (God-filled goodie bags) from Miss Kathi. We will always remember our special first year of CCD, and her part in our religious education:)

Last October, I blogged about our family "Prayer Space" in this post.

Now, Madi has decided to create, in her bedroom, a little "Prayer Space" of her own, complete with a photo of our new Pope, a list of prayers, rosaries, an assortment of prayer cards, and a beautiful statue of the Blessed Mother that she received from Miss Kathi for having the second most stickers on her folder in class!!! It is absolutely beautiful, and I'm so proud of Madi for taking her faith so seriously.

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