Monday, September 30, 2013

Crazy eight.

I can't believe Madi's eighth birthday came and went, and Mommy never even posted about it. Boo.

We actually did a double celebration for the kids since their birthdays are just days apart. We hosted our traditional family celebration at home with a few of their closest friends present. It was a fun day.


And on Madi's actual birthday (September 19th), which fell on a weekday, Daddy and I surprised her and showed up at school to have lunch with her. She loved it. We were able to leave early, with Madi, since it was an early dismissal day!


We celebrated that evening...again...over dinner with Bubba and Grandpa at her all-time favorite spot, LaBamba Mexican Restaurant.  No pictures of our dinner to post, but it was a fun celebration, which included those crazy trick birthday candles in a fried ice cream to top it all off.

The kids were gifted with enough birthday money to collectively purchase an ipad!  They are both loving their new gadget, and they will certainly be teaching Mommy and Daddy many new things, I'm sure...

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Rita and John said...

Happy birthday, Madi! Love that you surprised her with a birthday lunch! I'll have to remember that one for our little guys.... :)