Saturday, October 12, 2013

Documenting the hilarious...

Yesterday afternoon, we hosted a playdate with one of Madi's besties, Sophia, and Charlie's buddy, Mason. 

I set the boys up outside with Charlie's water play table, and went back inside to tend to the big girls. As I was setting them up with a snack in the dining room, I looked outside and my jaw dropped.

"OH MY GOSH!"  I blurted out,  "The boys are NAKED!!!"

Charlie and Mason had stripped themselves of every single stitch of clothing--except for Charlie, who was sporting only a red plastic fireman's hat. Oh, the visual...I am serious when I say I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  The girls stood there with their mouths agape, not knowing what to do.

That wasn't even the funniest part. We watched them proceed to take cups of water, run through the yard, and empty their cups onto the slide. Then they climbed up and slid town...still totally naked.  Because they were wet, these boys literally flew down the slide like greased pigs, and took air about two feet forward, skidding into the grass. Mason, whose skin is quite fair, had a rear-end that was bright red. His poor little bum practically matched Charlie's hat.

Thank goodness I was able to convince them to put swim trunks on, for a while.

But Charlie was not about to lose that hat.

The entertainment value of kids is simply priceless...

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Rita and John said...

Hahahhaha! That is a wonderful visual! Too funny!