Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Fun of Summer

While we didn't take any "big vacations" due to our upcoming adoption journey, we enjoyed the simplicities of summer. As the season winds down, these are some of the things I want Madi and Charlie to remember about our summer:

Making new friends
Sleepovers with besties
Bible Camp at St. Vincent's
Endless play dates with friends
Swimming and more swimming
Baton camp at St. Vincent's
Science camp at the library
Art camp at the library
Hula Surf camp 
Our overnight trip to New Smyrna Beach
La Bamba and sleepovers with Bubba and Grandpa
Helping Bubba and Grandpa move to their new home
Walking to Barwick Park with Ruby and the kids
Minecraft, minecraft, and more minecraft
Sleeping with mommy and daddy
Charlie's first time on ice skates
Fun at "Little waters" Water Park
The kiddie pool in the backyard
Staying up late for movie nights
Celebrating Daddy's birthday
Birthday parties with friends 
Turning bedrooms into forts
Coconut Cove Water Park
Lunch at Chick-Fil-A
A Barrel O Monkeys
Rapids Water Park
Making up dance routines and skits
Our mommy/daughter trip to the mall
And last, but most certainly not least...
Preparing for a brother to come home. 

Can't you just see him in all the fun next year?

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