Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Baby dolls

I know that Joseph will likely cringe when he reads this someday, but it is far too precious not to post.

This morning I pulled out the latest Toys R Us catalog that the kids have been busy "marking up" this week for their Christmas lists.

Interestingly, I noticed that there was more than one red circle (Joseph's color) around baby dolls. I inquired. Madi confirmed that he circled them, and Joseph confirmed that he has a liking for them. 

Wow. Not that I care. But he seemed to be all about cars and trucks and building blocks.

Madi disappeared to her room and surfaced with a surprise. She had one of her first baby dolls, a Corelle (Asian) doll named Calin Yang (I know...half of your daughters, my adoptive friends, have this doll, too!)

Madi asked, "Mommy, what's this doll's name again?"  I couldn't believe she'd forgotten. Although it has been about five years since she played with them. The doll has her Chinese nickname...the same one she shares with her new brother.

"Xiao Xiao!" I replied.

Madi could hardly contain herself. She hid the doll behind her back, and called Joseph, "Lai! Lai!" (Come here). Joseph looked so excited, even though he had no idea what was coming.

She gave him the baby doll, and he beamed with joy. So much so that it prompted Madi to dig out two more dolls for him to take care of.

After Jimmy tucked the boys in tonight, he told me all all about how Joseph had lined up the dolls in his bed and laid out their clothes so nicely. I went in to kiss them goodnight, and this is what I saw.

How sweet is that?? I love his caring little heart! And I'm guessing maybe he had some experience with babies in the orphanage...maybe?

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