Sunday, November 2, 2014


Today is All Soul's Day when we remember our dearly departed.

Today is Orphan Sunday when we pray for and remember the least of these.

Today is also the day that Joseph claimed his Godfamily.

After we got back from China, the Holy Spirit was quite loud and clear about who this should be.

Can you guess?

His Godmother prayed us to China and back. She led our Facebook group in prayer, too. In fact, she was on this journey with me since the seed was in its infancy stage, and she's a true sister-in-Christ to me. Jimmy and I are Godparents to their precious little Kolbe Joseph.

Dear Socha family, on this special day when both of our families remember our angels, we celebrate the fact that Joseph not only has a family, but now he has a Godfamily, too.

We are so blessed to have you on this journey.

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