Thursday, September 3, 2015

Seeing the Signs

I found it so funny that when I was praying about this adoption over the Summer, God put an extra child (girl) in our church pew with our family two weeks in a row (one week a friend of Madi's, and the other week, a dear friend's daughter). And one of those times, a woman remarked to Jimmy what a beautiful family we have. I chuckled when I saw that God wink.

Then, on July 12th, there was a traveling priest giving the homily at Mass, whom we'd not seen before at our parish. During his sermon he spoke of Jesus sending out his disciples to do his work with him and on his behalf. At the end of the homily, the priest loudly--and with conviction--said, "If God is calling you to do something, and it is for good, then you must do it!" That's where he ended it. You know how sometimes you feel like God's talking directly to you? Yeah...this was one of those times. I could hardly wait to approach the priest after Mass to thank him and asked him once more about his message. He looked at me and said, "If God has something planned for you, he will make a way for it to happen."

The week leading up to our decision to adopt Lulu, I received a number of what I'm calling "Hearts from Heaven" delivered by hearts here on earth. I received these little confirmations from all over the place that week, mostly from people who didn't know a thing about our adoption plans or about Lulu at all.

The first picture, taken by a dear friend on her honeymoon, was sent to me the day before we needed to give our decision to the agency. Marissa found this heart in the pavement at a place called "Angel's Landing" in Zion National Park. "Angel's Landing" was given it's name originally because it was thought to be so high only angels could touch it. Call me crazy, but that heart felt like it was a confirmation sent straight from our angel, Daniel.

On the same day, my friend, Nikki (who has been extremely connected to Daniel since first reading his story), posted this picture of a heart on Pluto on the With an Open Heart Facebook page.

This is Milo, a little boy who came from the same orphanage (Shanghai) as Charlie. He found this heart in his potato chip bag, and his Mom sent it my way on the day that we gave our decision to the agency to adopt Lulu.

Amanda, Daniel's anesthesiologist, sees and sends hearts all the time. I swear she has a direct line to our son in Heaven! Amanda knew about Lulu's file...she was one of the first, since she's one of our *key* medical file reviewers. Amanda did not know, however, that we were making our decision to adopt Lulu that week, and she sent all three of these our way.


This potato chip heart was posted on Daniel's book page that week by a friend, Jennifer, who we met in China last year while adopting Joseph. She found it in her potato chip bag and thought of us.


Thank you, friends, for being the messengers of these special hearts.
They will always be a part of Lulu's adoption story.

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